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Wax Heater Depilatory Epilator Paraffin Heater Wax Beans Bead Heating Machine Hair Removal Machine Wax-melt Waxing Kit

Wax Heater Depilatory Epilator Paraffin Heater Wax Beans Bead Heating Machine Hair Removal Machine Wax-melt Waxing Kit

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Special recommendation: The third generation new technology green plant-type rapid heating professional Wax Heater, to provide you with the best hair removal customer experience.

We have upgraded the application of materials, production technology and design to provide customers with the best customer experience. This is also our goal and vision.

Every product upgrade is to create value for customers. In particular, the application of new materials, new processes and new design ideas provides a new user experience for our products. In 2023, we will continue to optimize our products, and we have made substantial upgrades in six aspects.

⓵ We have added green plant-based functional ingredients to the depilatory wax, which have very good effects in skin repair, sterilization and anti-inflammation. At the same time, during the practice of waxing hair removal, it also has the effect of cooling the skin and improving the comfort of work.

We selected Aloe Vera and Azulene as the green plant-based functional ingredients of the depilatory wax. One excels in skin repair and the other excels in skin cooling (cooling) and anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. They all have extraordinary effects.

⓶ We upgraded the heating function of the wax heater. We use the PTC heating curve to make the heating of the wax heater faster and more flexible. Thereby saving a lot of waiting time for heating.

⓷ Due to the optimization of the heating function, our products can be applied to a variety of wax hair removal materials. Provides a more convenient way for different environments or different shopping habits.

Due to different habits and shopping environment, the form of depilatory wax varies from country to country. We have optimized the heating function for some.

⓸ Our temperature control button adjusts different temperatures to provide a personalized tolerance for each individual.

Everyone tolerates temperatures differently. You need to find the epilation temperature that works best for you.

⓹ The green and environmentally friendly aluminum alloy liner greatly improves the service life and safety of the product. Aluminum alloy is currently recognized as one of the high-quality heat-conducting metals. Its toughness is also very good.

The purity of metal is one of the factors to judge the quality of a metal. We have always been the best in the industry in this regard.

⓺ We provide a variety of colors and configurations to provide you with personalized services, and at the same time create the greatest possible value for you. We are working hard on every product detail.


1. What kind of express delivery do you send?
We will choose different couriers according to your time requirements. Of course, different time and speed are related to the cost. Therefore, you need to pay attention to your choice of courier when placing an order.

2. When are you shipping?
We have a stocking period, and this stocking period will have a certain time. When we ship, we will send you a text message at AliExpress. So please pay attention to your SMS in the AliExpress background. If you have any questions, please contact us.

3. What should I do if I want to return?
If you need to return the product due to the quality of the product or other problems, please contact us in the AliExpress background. We will confirm your situation and give you different treatment options depending on the situation. Please rest assured that we will handle any of your problems responsibly.


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