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SONOFLY Hair Curler Rotary Professional Hairdressing Tools With 4 Grades Of Temperature Control Ceramic Hair Curl Irons JF-199

SONOFLY Hair Curler Rotary Professional Hairdressing Tools With 4 Grades Of Temperature Control Ceramic Hair Curl Irons JF-199

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Plug standard


Complete size for you to choose

Short hair recommendation: 19-22MM
25MM recommended for chest & shoulders
Long hair & large volume: 28-32MM

I'm not a stylist, why should I buy a curling iron?

Our curling irons are fast, money-saving, convenient and perfectly integrated. Provide you with an extraordinary styling and hairstyle experience.

Intelligent temperature control system

The power switch is divided into 4 gears, the default 160° is suitable for mass hair
During the heating process, the temperature is adjusted according to the switch switch

Negative ion coating to lock in more moisture

The combination of semi-precious stone crystal negative ion coating and ceramic glaze technology releases a lot of negative ions, making hair healthy and natural.

Shiny, flowing curls are a good start to the day.

Changeable curly hair, a weapon to show thousands of styles, I want my hair to be more changeable at all times.

Ceramic glaze coating does not hurt hair

Ceramic glaze coating distributes heat evenly, styling while leaving hair soft and shiny from the inside out

Rapid heating of PTC heating element

PTC heating core, CPU temperature control system, intelligent and precise digital heating technology, make hair styling quickly without waiting

Cute fashion curly hair do it yourself

Professional Hair Tools

Variety of hairstyles can be done at will

Extraordinary detail

The small bracket on the fuselage can separate the curling rod from other objects after using the curling rod, which is conducive to heat dissipation, and at the same time avoids burning the desktop and other objects when placing it.

360-degree free rotation of the wire, and comes with hooks.

Put a strand of hair around the golden curling rod, put your thumb down on the clip and turn the rubber ring winding shaft, and the silver clip will wrap the hair around the golden curling rod!

Non-slip handle, safer to use

The heating element has the advantages of corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, long service life, high efficiency and energy saving, uniform heating, strong thermal conductivity, and fast auxiliary heat!

High temperature plastic ring

Appearance and Dimensions

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