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Auto Rotating Hair Curler USB Cordless Ceramic Magic Air Curling Iron LCD Display Temperature Control & Timer Hair Iron Curler

Auto Rotating Hair Curler USB Cordless Ceramic Magic Air Curling Iron LCD Display Temperature Control & Timer Hair Iron Curler

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Wireless Auto Rotating Curling Iron Wand USB Rechargeable Portable Hair Curler with Timer LCD Display Ceramic Curly Hair Tools

Are you still using wired curling iron?

Have you ever felt frustrated trying to curl your hair with one of those traditional curling iron ?

No more worries!

Our Auto Rotating Ceramic Hair Curler features the latest technology for tangle-free curls that won’t quit and save your time.

Q: How to solve the problem of hair stuck accidentally?
A: There is a black plastic ring on the top of curler, please push it back to release the hair when your hair is stuck accidentally.

Note: The cordless curler will stop work to prevent the hair from being tangled and pulled if the automatic curler curls too much hair or work incorrectly.---Keep Hair from Getting Tangled Built-in smart sensor chip and precision-controlled Brushless Motor, it can identify if there is too much hair volume to curl for one single time, messy hair or operating errors. If those situations happened, it will stop work immediately, then send alarm sound and prevent hair from tangling. If the hair stuck in the machine, just let them out with a gentle pull.

Q: Can the auto curler not curl the hair?
A: Please sure to press curling button totally when curling the hair.

Need wait the beep alarm stop and then release the button and hair.

For perfect long last curl, you can use with styling spray/oil.

Auto off function: In the event of the appliance left switched on, our cordless automatic hair curler will automatically shut off after 10 minutes. If you wish to continue using the auto hair curler after this time, simply turn the power on.

Q: Is the package not come with a charging adapter?
A: The auto curler is design for use in different country, so it is not a standard wall charger and it is only with a USB cable.

Note: Charge fully overnight before first use. Besides, It is importtant ensure to use the 5V/2A charger to charging.(If it is lower than the charging requirement of 2A. It may cause the state of no full power and the battery is not durable.)

Note: When you put your hair into the curling roller, please do not loosen it immediately. At this time, a heating process is required. You can loosen your hair only after you hear the beep.

At the beginning, the machine needs to be warmed up. Please do not use it when the heat sign is flashing. When you see the heat sign stop flashing, you can start curling.


【Intelligent Automatic Hair Curler】One-button Curls - all you need to do is press and hold the side button until the beeps are over. The latest beach wave curling iron builts in a smart induction motor, which will stop work to prevent the hair from being tangled and pulled if the automatic curler curls too much hair or works incorrectly.
【6 Temperature & 11 Timing Settings】Considering different hair textures and styles, we specially designed a personalized experience. 300℉ to 390℉ is suitable for all hair types, the curling wand worked wonders even for heat-damaged or coarse hair. With a timing of 8-18s, can form loose waves or tight curls.
【More Safer Ceramic Technology】The auto hair curler uses Ceramic coating and adds nanosilver, tourmaline to make it heat up quickly and prevent the high temperature from damaging your hair, while emitting negative ions to smooth your hair. A unique heat-insulating chamber protects your hands and skin from burning.
【Lastest Cordless & Compact Curler】No more worrying about tangled cable and horrible storage, cordless design solves all your troubles. the automatically rotating ceramic hair curler is lightweight and portable to put into your backpack and take on a trip. It is an ideal gift for elegant ladies, young girls, and etc.
【USB Rechargeable & Auto Shut Off】Built-in 5200mAh rechargeable battery, use a 5V/2A adapter to charge for 3 hours, allows you to curl your hair anytime, anywhere. In case of emergency, the wave curling iron can be used as a power bank to charge your phone. Safer design: the beach wave curler will auto shut down when not in use for 10 minutes, ensure maximum safety at all times.

About temperature:

300℉~320℉(Fragile/damaged Hair)
340℉~360℉(Soft/healthy hair)
380℉~390℉(Coarse hair)

About the timer:

8 seconds~10 seconds (Slight Curls)
12 seconds~ 15 seconds (Soft Curls)
16 seconds~ 18 seconds (Soft Curls)

How to use curler?

• Choose the temperature, ourl drection (L/R) and setting time
• Comb your dry hair until there is no mating.And divide your hair into smaller sections, each no more than 0.4 inches wide.
• Place the bottom of each section of your hair in the curler and press“START" to activate the ourler and draw hair into the curling chamber.
• The automatic curing is complete when you hear a series of beeps.


✿Material: ABS
✿Voltage: DC5V
✿Power: 34w
✿Battery capacity: 5000 mAh
✿Charging time: 3-4 hours
✿Use time: about 2 hour
✿Temperature display: ℃/℉
✿6 Temperature Settings: 150°C, 160°C, 170°C, 180°C, 190°C, 200°C (default 180°C at boot)
✿6 time settings: 08s, 10s, 12s, 14s, 16s, 18s (default 12s at boot)
✿2 directions setting: left/right scroll direction
✿Charging display: the battery display flashes when charging, and always on when fully charged
✿Line length: 79cm±2cm
✿Net weight: 408g

Packaging List:

* 1 x Automatic Hair Curler
* 1 x USB Cable
* 1 x User Manual
* 1 x Storage Bag
* 2 x Hair Clips
* 1 x Comb

Cordless LCD Display Automatic Curler

1.Curl Direction
4.Battery Indiscator

~USB charging
~Heatb Setting(150℃-200℃)
~Time Setting(8s-15s)
~Battery Capacity(5000mAh)
~Pre-Heating Time(2 minutes)
~Charging Time(3 hours)

1.Micro USB Input
2.USB output
3.Curl Direction
6.Battery Indicator
7.Adjustment Button
8.Rotating Ceramic Curler
9.Start Button
10.LCD Display
11.Power Button(Menu Button)

Step one:Take a proper amount of hair bundle clip into the hair groove
Step two:Long press the rotation key automatically curly hair can be turned inside out/out
Step three:When the curls are finished an automatic feedback system will send out a styling cue and the hair can be easily removed

Vegetable protein hair care coating
Gentle care of hair helps reduce hair loss
~No protection,damaged hair,dry hair(Hair damage)
~Gentle care of hair helps reduce hair loss(Protect your hair)

6 Kinds of Adjustable Temperatures for All Hair Styles

150℃/160℃(delicate,dyed or damaged hair)
170℃/180℃(normal and healthy hair)
190℃/200℃(rough or natural curly hair)
5000 mAh Rechargeable Battery

3 Curly hair effects
Low Temperature(150℃-160℃)
Moderate Temperature(160℃-180℃)
High Temperature(180℃-200℃)

Elegant Curl
Romantic Curl
Classic Curl

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