How to Transition Your Makeup Routine from Winter to Spring

How to Transition Your Makeup Routine from Winter to Spring

A dark metallic eye and sugar plum lips dominated holiday selfies in 2021, but as we gradually move closer to spring, it's time to put away your favourite winter makeup trends and transition your look from winter into spring without having to spend hours scouring online makeup stores.

Start with the Skin

As the weather changes, it isn't only your makeup that is begging for an update, but your skincare routine also needs to change. Here are a few tips on switching up your skincare for the springtime.

1. Switch to A Lightweight Cleanser

Thicker, heavier moisture-locking cleansers are a must-have during the winter when your skin desperately needs the extra hydration. But as we transition into spring, your skin will begin to produce more oil naturally and you don't need the added moisture. Therefore, opt for a good-quality lightweight cleaner that will leave your skin feeling fresh without over-drying it or becoming overly oily.

2. Invest In a Gentle Exfoliant

Even with a hydrating facial routine, winter can be punishing on your skin. We typically rely on courser exfoliants to keep dead, dry skin at bay during colder months. As it gets warmer and you spend more time outside in the sun, you'll want to swap out your rough exfoliant for something a little gentler. Over exfoliating can leave your skin more sensitive to the sun (and more prone to sunburns!)

3. Put Away the Heavy Moisturizers

Winter is all about moisture and boosting it and locking it in. However, overhydrating in the spring and summer can lead to oily skin and breakouts. Springtime is the right time to put away your winter creams and opt for a lighter-weight formula. Unless your skin is naturally very dry, a water-based moisturizer that includes hyaluronic acid is a good option.

4. Swap Oil-Based Serums for Water-Based Ones

We would never suggest separating a girl from her serums. But, while you are swapping out your cleansers and moisturizers, you can also search your online markup store for high-quality water-based serums to replace the oil-based ones that got you through the cold drying winter months.

5. Invest In A Good Sunscreen

It is way easier to protect your skin than trying to reverse signs of ageing. Keep your skin looking youthful and healthy by investing in a great sunscreen and remembering to apply it daily as part of your morning regimen.

Now, For The Fun Stuff!

Last season was dominated by shiny metallics, dramatic lips, and fun embellishments. But don't worry, spring and summer makeup trends are shaping up to be just as exciting.

New Neons

New neons, and bright jewel tones in pinks, blues, greens and everything in-between, have been popping up on peepers all over runways worldwide. Shop makeup online or in-store for bright neon eyeshadow pallets and colourful liners.

Bold Eye Makeup

Take advantage of the neon trend and run wild with it. Makeup artists have been combining neon and bright pastel eye shadows with interesting embellishments, sparkles, and creative applications to create truly inspired looks.

Statement Blush

Forget everything you thought you knew about blush. Instead of trying to hide your blush, use it to make a statement. Technique, tools, formula, and colour are essential to nailing this bold blush trend so make sure you invest in a good-quality blush that blends well using the right brushes and sponges.

Glossy Lips

Time to invest in lip gloss again. No, not that shiny, wet, stick to everything look, but rather a subtle shimmery one combined with a natural hint of colour to make it look like you woke up like that.

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