Face Makeup Essential – 6 Best Face Makeup Products

Face Makeup Essential – 6 Best Face Makeup Products

Makeup makes people feel beautiful by accentuating their facial features, covering up imperfections, or just downright having fun using your face as a blank canvas for art. Either way, makeup is an integral part of people’s beauty routines and every year the beauty industry makes billions of dollars selling new and innovative products to tackle any and every type of beauty concern.

The most popular types of makeup products are face makeup products. As the face is the first thing people see and your personality and existential image to the world, beauty lovers make sure they put their best face forward. Following are some essential face makeup products that you need on everyday makeup.

Face Primer

Although not too old of innovation to join the modern-day beauty regimen, the face primer is an important initiative in rocking a good makeup day! Face primer acts as a base for the rest of the steps in the makeup application and works to instantly blur pores, smooth the face, ensure makeup lasts longer and makes foundation application easy and seamless.


As the name suggests, foundation is the groundwork in the steps of face makeup application. It is applied all over the face up to the neck to cover, hide, conceal, and give an all-around impression of a smooth single-toned complexion that shouts flawless skin. Foundation comes in liquid, balm, cream, stick, and even spray formulas and can be applied using a sponge, brush, or even your fingertips.


The word is right there in the name of this face makeup product. Concealer is used to conceal and hide all sorts of skin imperfections that we may not like or want to conceal such as dark spots, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, age spots, or scars. It is usually a thicker formula and not supposed to be too far from your foundation shade. It can come in liquid, stick, cream, or balm forms.


After the face has been primped to cover and conceal it needs to be set and locked in so it stays. Here comes the part of powder. Face powder is used to set the base of the foundation and concealer and is applied on a foundation finished face. The powder is lightly dusted on the entire face to give it a soft look usually with the use of a good rounded powder brush. The shade of the powder should match that of your skin.


Blush is an important step in the makeup routine as it brings a pop of colour directly to the face. Blush is applied on the apples of the cheeks to give a rosy and life full effect giving a perception of good health that is reflecting off our cheeks in the form of rosy cheeks. The application technique is necessary to ensure the right amount and placement of the blush on the face is done properly. Traditionally blush comes in hues of pink, red, peach, mauve, coral, and tan colour. It can be found in powder, stick, balm, or cream form.


A more recent trend in the modern-day makeup routine, a highlighter is used to highlight and give the illusion of luminous light reflecting off the points of your face. Initially used on the cheekbones, it also became a popular trend to apply it on other parts of the face to give the face a bit of a lift and glow such as the tip of the nose, cupid’s bow, and centres of the chin and forehead to make them appear more prominent and dewier. Highlighters usually come in luminous and pearly finishes in shades of pearl white, gold, silver, rose gold, bronze, and blush-like pink and can be found in liquid, stick, cream, balm, and even powder form.

Whether you are a newbie to makeup or a pro, anyone can find their perfect type of face makeup products to suit their skin and makeup needs.

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